past jobs

Pope afb seeding

Hydroseeding Bermuda Turf on DoD Construction site to get permanent turf established (Common Bermuda)

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bragg shooting house

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large residence

Home owner desired a hardy turf that was drought resistant and would easily propagate (spread). The decision was made to use a fine quality version of Bahia Turf.

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Timing is key, and pre-emergent's need to be applied "AT LEAST" twice a year. Treating at the right time may be done with 1 ounce of chemicals while at the wrong time could take a gallon to get the same control.

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Special note

Bermuda sod shortage for 2015

NC State University recently announced that there is an anticipated Bermuda Sod Shortage in NC for 2015. There are excellent seeded varieties of Bermuda that can be installed as "new lawns" or added to your hybrid turf in renovation scenarios.


Insect and Disease Treatments MUST be timed correctly.

Insect treatments: Much like weed control pre-emergent treatments, it's better to keep the insect egg from hatching, than trying to kill the bug after it's eating your grass. Also like weed control, the amount of chemicals required to eliminate an insect are less when it has first hatched than when trying to address the insect as an adult.

Lastly... some insects (by the time you've identified you've got them) have already done their damage to your turf (Green, June, and Japanese Beetles and Mole Crickets fall into this group).

Diseases: These exist in all turfs, if you have a healthy turf this is a minimal concern... unless you've been hit hard before. 1$ in prevention equates to $100 in treatment (much like human or animal treatments), vaccinations are cheaper than treating an infection.

seasonal concerns/dates

Spring pre-emergent

Spring is the only time you can stop warm season grassy weeds (Goose Grass and Crab Grass). After they have started, there is no effective way to eliminate them for that year (other than Round-Up) which creates its own problems.

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Not all turfs need the same fertilization schedule or requirements. Fertilize Centipede like you would Bermuda and it will look GREAT this year... and be dead next year. Similar (but not as bad) effects can occur if you treat Bermuda like it was Centipede.

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turf repair

Turf Renovation (or) repair is best executed when warm season turfs are actively growing (ground temperature at 70 degrees or warmer). When soil loss is a concern, we can use a cool season erosion grass to get the soil stabilized... addressing it later as a "weed".

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