Need a turf?

We can get you from bare soil to a fairway quality yard. Bermuda, Bahia, or Centipede... we can get your turf started out. If you already have a lawn, we can ensure that your lawn is weed and insect free. A robust turf is what you want to minimize chemical requirements to keep the weeds and bugs to a minimum. If your turf has thinned out over the years, we can renovate your yard to get a sod quality lawn reestablished.

Eliminating weeds, insects, and disease are keys to maintaining your turf. We can typically treat your yard for a cost that is comparable to what it would cost you to buy the chemicals... much less apply them.

Centipede Withdrawal is a common occurrence (in both managed and unmanaged turfs). We can repair your thinning areas. Have a Bermuda yard... it's even easier!

Our specialty is establishing yards. It doesn't matter if you have a yard as flat as a table or as steep as a wall, we can get grass growing. The 2 largest issues affecting turf establishment in Eastern NC are Shade and Soil Compaction. We can mechanically address compaction, and in some scenarios chemically address shade.

focus areas

established yards

Keeping what you've got, and improving your turf!

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Turf renovation

Repairing thin areas, replacing sections of bad turf, and getting you the yard you want.

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new lawns

This is our speciality... starting a new lawn. There are plenty of Lawn Care companies out there... Lawn Doctor, Tru-Green and others. Our primary mission is planting turfs... maintenance is a side bar.

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insects and diseases

Bugs and Disease can kill a yard in a season. Having us maintain your yard is a great opportunity while being a less expensive option) to sodding or re-seeding your yard.. If you are a lawn care customer we offer as significant discount on seeding services.

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