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(-) mowing and irrigation offers "follow-on" lawn care service to our hydroseeding customers and also offer lawn care services new residential and commercial customers in many Eastern NC counties.

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About us

progressing from a Department of Defence service provider to a residential home owner service provider.

Providing services to North Carolina home owners, builders, and municipalities adding NC Hydroseeding in 2003 under ISC Services LLC as an effort provide options to builders, commercial contractors, and government departments an alternative to expensive sod or erosion control solutions and a better option than blown straw mulch (which we now offer). Our lawn care services began with in in 2013 in a response to our hydroseeding customers looking for follow-on weed control, fertilization, and pest control.

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we are here to help!

We have worked on project that range from a $ value in the millions to jobs that are less than $500.00 .

Using Math: 10,000 jobs that are $200.00 = $2 Million... which is why we are here.

Our money maker is new construction and ensuring compliance with the EPA and water standards... but to be honest, home owners have a larger impact on the environment than the largest commercial contracts (there are more of you).

What we do

get turf established, keep established turf healthy, & kill pests (weed or insect).

We provide weed, disease, and pest control services in addition to aeration, de thatching, growth regulators, fertilization, top dressing and liming services.

Our specialty is warm season turfs (Centipede, Zoysia, Bermuda, Bahia... and to a small extent St. Augustine). Not all war season turfs are the same, a treatment for one turf that is perfect can kill another turf. If you are familiar with cool season turfs (Fescue, Rye, Blue Grass, etc), we can get you on the right (and VERY different) treatment regiment.

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